Monday, June 18, 2012

iWork Pages/MacBook Pro Retina Display

UPDATE 02 August 2013:  Retina quality pages documents have the extension .pages-tef

I've seen a few mentioned of Pages being "aliased/blurry" on the new Retina Display MacBook Pros.
The solution is surprisingly simple: do a "get info" on the application and uncheck the "Open in Low Resolution" option.
Screen Shot 2012 06 15 at 10 15 09 PM
This option appears on all of the iWork applications.
I have no idea why Apple set the default to "Open in Low Resolution," I assume this is an artifact of migrating the application from an older machine, but still….

UPDATE: I had one document show up with "blank" pages after disabling Open in Low Resolution. However, if I switched back to "low resolution" mode the document displayed correctly. This is disconcerting

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