Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Seambay modifications to access Seam Annotations

This post extends my last one about accessing Seam from the command line. Here I describe the transition from using EntityManager to using EntityHome.

The first thing I did was to create a new folder for the webSevice sources, which meant that I had to add this directory into the build.xml file and add all of the libraries into the compile path in NetBeans (both of which are obvious, but both of which I always forget to do).

The next was to make my action work similarly to an .xhtml page and interact with a home object rather than directly with the EntityManager
going from:

if (fileData == null) {
fileData = new FileData();
// various actions on fileData

if (fileData == null) {
fileDataHome.persist(); //side effect of creating the defined instance
fileData = fileDataHome.getDefinedInstance();
// various actions on fileData

which also required adding these lines to components.xml


None of which was particularly difficult and I was up and running in a hour or so.

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