Monday, June 18, 2007


I’ve been doing some ontology analysis using RacerPro. I decided to try out RacerPro primarily because my current modeling project uses numeric relationships to determine class membership. My quick scan of the available tools determined that RacerPro offered the best support in this space (any suggestions about other tools supporting such operations would be appreciated)

RacerPro supports the use of numerics in two ways.

The first is as a simple query e.g.,
(retrieve (?x) (?x (and (<= Artwork_width_inches 10) (<= Artwork_height_inches 10))))
;; aka retrieve every object for which the role (property) Artwork_width_inches < 010 and Artwork_height_inches <= 10

The second is as a class/concept

(define-concept can-ship
(some Artwork_width_inches (<>
(some Artwork_height_inches (<>

Which is essentially the same only this time defining a concept rather than issuing a query.

It is fair to say that the racer-internal%has-real-value term did not leap out from the documentation. However the Racer technical support was both very accurate and extremely responsive, getting me up and running pretty quickly.

All in all, I’m happy with the product.

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qq said...

I must say.. i never felt more dejavu as right now. I'm doing the same adventure( from ror 2 seam) with a "reverse-enginiring" scenario. And i must say i had some similar problems. :) .. very good posts.. thank you .. i wish only i've seen them before